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Reconstructive Surgeries

Whether you have undergone trauma, injury, or cancer treatment, our reconstructive procedures are designed to restore the form and function of affected areas, allowing you to embrace your natural beauty once more!!

Trauma Healing

Right from suturing of simple lacerated injuries in an almost scar less manner, upto reconstruction of difficult and complex trauma cases, we cover reconstruction by very fine and meticulous surgeries.

Facial Trauma Reconstruction

This involves repairing facial injuries caused by accidents, falls, or assaults. Procedures may include repairing fractured facial bones, addressing soft tissue injuries, and reconstructing the nose, cheeks, jaw, or eye sockets.

Hand Trauma Reconstruction

Hand injuries can severely impact daily activities. Hand trauma reconstruction aims to restore function and appearance, involving procedures such as repairing fractures, nerve repair, tendon reconstruction, and skin grafts.

Limb Trauma Reconstruction

Severe injuries to the arms or legs may require reconstruction to restore limb function. This can involve bone grafts, tendon repair, nerve repair, and skin grafts to achieve optimal outcomes.

Scar Revision

In cases where traumatic injuries leave noticeable scars, scar revision surgeries can be performed to minimize their appearance and improve skin texture.

Post-Trauma Burn Reconstruction

Burn injuries can lead to significant scarring and functional impairment. Burn reconstruction involves skin grafts, tissue expansion, and other techniques to improve mobility and aesthetics.

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Facial Reconstruction

Facial Fracture Surgery

Specialized reconstruction to heal facial fractures and restore function and appearance after accidents or trauma.

Facial Injury

Comprehensive procedures to repair facial injuries and rebuild structures, enhancing quality of life and well-being.

Cleft LIP & Palate surgery

Procedures addressing congenital conditions, mending cleft lip & palate for improved functionality & facial harmony.

Oncoplastic Reconstruction

Oncoplastic reconstruction is a type of surgery that combines oncological (cancer) surgery with plastic surgery techniques to remove a tumor while preserving the shape and size of body part involved.

Oncoplastic reconstruction can be performed as an immediate procedure, with a variety of techniques

Local Flaps

Tissue Expanders

Free Flaps

Limb Reconstructive Surgeries

Hand Surgery

Expert procedures to repair hand injuries, restoring function and mobility for improved quality of life.

Diabetic Foot

Specialized interventions to address foot complications in diabetic patients, promoting healing & preventing further complications.

Other Reconstructive Surgeries

Burns & Its Deformities

Specialized treatments to address burn injuries and correct resulting deformities, improving form and function.

Nerve Repair & Tendon Transfer

Precision surgeries to repair damaged nerves and transfer tendons for enhanced limb function.


Complex procedures involving the transfer of tiny blood vessels for intricate tissue reconstruction.

AV Fistula

Surgical creation of an arteriovenous fistula to facilitate hemodialysis access for patients with kidney disease.

Why our Reconstructive Surgeries?

Let us walk alongside you on this transformative path of healing and renewal. Together, we can rebuild and restore, bringing back the beauty, confidence, and hope that define your true essence.

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Feeling worried & uneasy?

Each trauma reconstruction procedure is tailored to the individual's specific needs. We make the experience seamless for you!! Take your first step & get in touch!!

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